Products Liability Lawyer

Most accidents are preventable. Injuries can and often do occur as a result of someone’s negligence or a dangerously defective product. Unfortunately, few negligent tortfeasors or defective product distributors step up to accept legal and financial responsibility for the damages they cause. Therefore, lawsuits are commonly necessary for the victims to secure adequate monetary compensation.

Personal injury and wrongful death litigation can take many forms. Often, during the course of investigation and discovery, it is ascertained that there may be an individual or entity that has or should have responsibility for the injury, but that was completely unknown to the victim. Therefore, it is important that a lawyer handling a serious injury or death lawsuit be prepared and experienced in the subject area, and prepared to take the case all the way through trial and appeal if necessary.

Mr. Riley has been handling serious personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1983. In 1987, before the Texas Supreme Court, Mr. Riley was principally responsible for bringing to Texas plaintiffs “dramshop liability.” This is a lawsuit in which an innocent victim of a drunk driver can hold legally and financially responsible the bar that intoxicated the driver who physically caused the injuries. See El Chico Corp. v. Poole, 732 S.W.2d 306 (Tex. 1987). Over the past 18 plus years, Mr. Riley has been involved in many other personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, including construction accidents, product liability suits, automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, medical device and drug litigation, and intentional torts. He successfully handled hundreds of lawsuits, taking several dozen cases to jury verdicts and handling a number of appeals. Mr. Riley has worked with dozens of health care, engineering, and economic professionals as expert witnesses over the past 18 years.

Attorney Tim Riley has a rich history of helping Texans and their families over the last 30 years. He has been successful with cases many lawyers viewed as hopeless or lost causes.