Post-Covid “Nuclear” Verdicts: What the Heck is Going On?

  The Covid pandemic effectively ended civil jury trials in Texas in early 2020.  Beginning in late August 2020, though, jury trials slowly began to resume in a few Texas counties under strict Covid screening and jury-protection measures. That pace increased slightly until the end of the year and continued to increase at a growing […]

Who’s on First

Who’s on First, Burden of Proof, Houston Met. Paralegal Ass’n

HIPAA Traps for Unwary Practitioners

HIPAA Traps for Unwary Practitioners (Paper for presentation at State Bar of Texas 2004 Advanced Medical Malpractice Course, San Antonio, Texas, March 18-19, 2004)

Medical Malpractice: Recent Developments

Medical Malpractice: Recent Developments (Paper for presentation at South Texas College of Law Personal Injury Law Conference, Houston, Texas, March 4, 2003)

Dumping and Other Statutory Violations

Texas Trial Lawyers Association 12th Annual Medical Malpractice Conference Houston, Texas September 20-21, 2001 Timothy D. Riley Riley Law Firm P. O. Box 542179 Houston, Texas 77254-2179 Phone 713.868.1717 Fax 713.868.9393 E-Mail   Table of Contents I. INTRODUCTION 1 II. NEGLIGENCE PER SE 1 III. EMTALA 3 A. INTENT OF EMTALA 3 B. HOSPITAL […]

Eighteen Texas Medico-Legal Cases Important to Every Physician

Presented to Greater Houston Anesthesiology, P. A., November 13, 1999 Liability: 1. General Statement of Liability: Bowles v. Bourdon, 148 Tex. 1, 219 S.W.2d 779 (1949) Facts: Patient, a minor, broke his arm, which was set and casted by Dr. X. The patient’s father, on behalf of his son, sued Dr. X, alleging the cast […]

Mediation Foul: New Rules for the Rulemakers

By: Timothy D. Riley As with most trial lawyers, over the past few years a substantial part of my practice has been devoted to participation in mediations, some voluntary and some far less voluntary. For the most part, the mediation process has proven successful, as well as being relatively enjoyable and non-contentious. Likewise, a good […]